Workshop "Heavy elements nucleosynthesis and galactic chemical evolution"

                    August, 30 – September, 2, 2011, Odessa, Ukraine


  • Production of nuclei beyond Fe
  • NLTE line formation for heavy elements in stellar atmospheres and other effects
  • Galactic chemical evolution
  • Problems in observation of heavy elements and formation of chemical elements in Universe


                     Organizers:                                                E-mail address:

C. Charbonnel (Observatiry of Geneva)

L. Mashonkina (INASAN, Moscow)        

T. Mishenina (Odessa NU)                    

I. Panov (ITEP, Moscow)                      

F.-K. Thielemann (University of Basel)  


Local organizing committee:

Chair: Tamara Mishenina,

Members of the LOC:           Andrievsky S., Korotin S., Kulibaba J., Yuschenko V.