ITEP-SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue

ITEP-SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue


Date: January 22, 2014

P.V.Baklanov, S.I.Blinnikov, D.Yu.Tsvetkov, N.N.Pavlyuk

ITEP-SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue (ISSLCC) unites theoretical and observational light curves of supernovae (SNe).

The set of supernova models has been calculated here using the radiation-hydrodynamics code Stella (Blinnikov et al.). Stella uses multi-energy groups to compute the coupling of radiation transfer to the gas dynamics and produces multi-colour and bolometric light curves. Baklanov et al. created "A theoretical catalogue of SN II light curves" with help of STELLA code.

Some data on observational light curves of SNe, discovered up to 2010, were taken from SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue (old version: Tsvetkov, 1986; new version: Pavlyuk, Tsvetkov, 2012, in preparation) and transformed into the database structure.

We also added to ISSLCC the data on distance and light extinction in the direction of SN, dates and magnitudes of light curve peaks in different filters, and other parameters which are necessary for the calculation of absolute magnitudes of SN.

Another possibility which is realized in this demo version is the search of the theoretical absolute supernova light curves which are near to the test supernova light curve. The test curve could be observable or theoretical one, taken from inside ISSLCC or given to computer code by user.

This work has been performed with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant RFBR N 10-02-00249) and State Support of Leading Scientific Schools (no. SS 3458.2010.2).

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"Theoretical" part of ISSLCC.

THEOR.0: View Theoretical Model Parameters and Light Curves
THEOR.1: List All Parameters (In SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue)
THEOR.2: Draw a Light Curve (In SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue)
THEOR.3: Find if Light Curve of a Supernova is Available
THEOR.4: Find Nearest Theoretical Light Curve for Observable Light Curves

"Observational" part of ISSLCC (SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue).

OBS.0: SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue Home and Information
OBS.1: List All Parameters
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OBS.3: Find Nearest SN Light Curve for a Test Light Curve or a Fragment of Light Curve
OBS.4: Superimpose a User\'s Fragment of Light Curve onto Real SN Light Curve
OBS.5: Compare User\'s and Supernova Light Curves with Each Other
OBS.6: Dynamic Online Investigation of Light Curves (Under construction)

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