Пример обращения к программе ThermRate находится в файле main.for

File INPUT-TEST.dat defines printinf indexes: IS1, IS2, IS3, minimal NZ and maximal NH (NH>NZ) numbers of chemical elements as well as hot plasma temperature T9 (temperature/1.d9), for which the rates can be defined. Both of examples are showen in the file "ThermRate v1.0.for"

The results - N_A named TheRates(Z,A,imr) are in the common-block /RESULT/: COMMON/RESULT/TheRates(125,350,13), gstat(120,350)

c  where  "imr" defines the reaction: 
c                imr=2 (gamma,n)
c                imr=3 (gamma,p)
c                imr=6 (gamma,alpha)
c                imr=4 (n,gamma)
c                imr=5 (p,gamma)
c                imr=7 (alpha,gamma)
c                imr=8 (p,n)
c                imr=9 (n,p)
c                imr=10 == (a,n)
c                imr=11 == (n,a)
c                imr=12 == (a,p)
c                imr=13 == (p,a)

The Libraries used: NETSU (reaclib) [1] PARTS [1] can be taken from present directory or from NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - PNPI:

rate24frdm.txt [2,3] part_frdm.dat [2,3]

table5frdm.dat [4], see


Methods and libraries are described in [1-4]:

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