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SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue
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2: Draw a Light Curve
3: Find Nearest SN Light Curve for a Test Light Curve or a Fragment of Light Curve
4: Superimpose a User's Fragment of Light Curve onto Real SN Light Curve
5: Compare User's and Supernova Light Curves with Each Other
6: Dynamic Online Investigation of Light Curves (Under construction)
7: To ITEP-SAI Supernova Light Curve Catalogue (View Theoretical and Observational Light Curves)
2: Draw an Observational Light Curve of Supernova
Like 1993J. Required!
U,B,V,R, I, U-B, B-V, V-R, V-I, U-V, u_SDSS, g_SDSS, r_SDSS, i_SDSS, z_SDSS
Taking into account VSNET,AVVSO (amateur) data point
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