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In the paper "Entanglement can Completely Defeat Quantum Noise"
(Chen et al. PRL 107, 250504 (2011)) the question of information transport is
considered. For two extremly noisy channels (that cannot transmit any
classical information), the theoretical possibility of transmission thru their
combination with the help of entanglement is shown. That means that
entanglement can help to defeat quantum noise.

Black hole evaporation in Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) and the usual

NASA plans for 2012

List of NASA plans and missions can be found here

Mars Science Laboratory

Today the launch of Mars Science Laboratory is scheduled (19:02 Moscow time).
Online translation can be found on NASA TV.

Very nice animation of how landing on Mars will pass can be found

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Менялся ли цвет Сириуса при Птолемее?

Мне давно уже прислали такое письмо из Астрономического Общества:

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