Program of the workshop

"Heavy elements nucleosynthesis and galactic chemical evolution"

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Arrival and accommodation


9:30 Opening of the Workshop

Section: “Production of nuclei beyond Fe”, ”Problems in observation of heavy elements and formation of chemical elements in Universe”, talks: (25+5)

Chair - Andrievsky S.M.

9:30 F.-K.Thielemann         The puzzle of the r-process origin (tbc).

10:00 M. Pignatari         The s-process in AGB stars.(via skype-video)

10:30 T. Rauscher      On the origin of the p-nuclei

11:00 - 11:20 Coffee break

Chair - Andrievsky S.M.(talks: 25+5)

11:30 Lyudmila Mashonkina      Constraint on the r-process Ba/Eu abundance ratio from analysis of the r-process enhanced stars

12:00 Yushchenko V. A. еt аl.      Radioactive elements in metal deficient stars

12:30 Lutostansky et al.      Beta-strength function in nucleosynthesis calculations

13:00 Panov I.      Spontaneous fission of heavy nuclei and nucleosynthesis of cosmo-chronometers

13:30 - 15:00 Lunch (free time)

Section – "Line formation for heavy elements in stellar atmospheres and other NLTE effects", "Galactic chemical evolution"

Chair - Lyudmila Mashonkina

15:00 Sitnova T.     Testing spectroscopic methods of stellar parameters determination for cool stars

15:30 Potashov M.      Non-trivial effects of time-dependent level populations in SNe II atmospheres.

16:00 Andrievsky S.M.  Barium abundance distribution in Galactic disc

16:30 Mishenina T.V., et al.   Yttrium and Barium in open clusters.

17:00 Chekhonadskykh F. A.     Odessa Astronomical Observatory Scientific Archive: the Database of chemical compositions and fundamental parameters of stellar atmospheres

17:30 Baklanov P.      Coupling of radiation and NLTE plasma in supernovae: challenges and solutions. Demonstration on Dense Shell Method

19:00 Conference dinner


the place of Workshop is under consideration

Section – "Nuclear astrophysics, equation of state; supernovae: observation and explosion mechanisms "

Chair - ...(talks: 25+5)

9:30 Glazyrin S.I., Blinnikov S.I.    Flame acceleration by turbulence in SNIa

10:00 M. Hempel.    Equation of state effects in core-collapse supernovae and neutrino-driven winds (preliminary)

11:00 Yudin A.     On an amazing feature of the mass-radius relation for superdense hybrid stars

11:00- 11:20 Coffee break

Section – "The quests of future work", Discussion

Chair - T. Rauscher (speeches, proposals, short talks: (~15+5'))

11:20 T.V. Mishenina, T.I. Gorbaneva, O.P.    Paramonova. Sulfur and manganese in the galactic disk stars (perspective)

11:40 Mashonkina L., Sitnova T.   Heavy element abundances of cool dwarf stars as a constraint to s- and r-process nucleosynthesis

12:00 Lutostansky et al.     Impulse nucleosynthesis

12:20 Blinnikov, Potashov, Baklanov,Dolgov     Cosmology with supernovae of type IIn

12:40  Closing

13:00 - 15:00  Lunch (free time)

15:00 - 18:30  Working time/free time



9:00-13:00 Work at the report and proposal